Advanced Skills Training

Participants gain the skills and understanding to be completely prepared for each client interaction.

Achieve Top Level Performance

Participants learn to how to minimize ineffective responses, random results, and anticipate the clients’ behavior and reaction.

Elevate Customer Interaction

Sales calls will no longer be left up to chance, nor will sales professionals be “surprised” by clients’ comments, questions or statements.

Take your Sales to the Next Level

Expand your customer relationships into higher levels of commitment―and close more sales! You may have many great customer relationships but there’s a good chance you have an even greater number of relationships that aren’t where you want them to be. With the lessons in Take Your Sales to the Next Level, you can move those stalled relationships to the next level.

About Charles D. Brennan, Jr.

Identified as a Top 10 training provider in the country and author of McGraw Hill’s Take your Sales to the Next Level, Charlie Brennan is consistently rated as the top speaker at events he attends. Read more

Achieving Top Awards

Brennan Sales Institute has received top awards from the American Society of Training and Development and has been acknolwedged as experts in adult learning and program design. We can address your specific training needs. Read more