Brennan Sales Institute

Brennan Sales Institute is a leading provider of in-house customized advanced sales training programs. For over 25 years, BSI has worked successfully with management and sales professionals worldwide from mid-sized to Fortune 500 firms to reach their goals. Based on years of research, development and testing, BSI provides custom tailored keynote, seminar and training systems introducing Advanced Selling skills and strategies.

BSI is under the direction of Charles D. Brennan Jr., author of Take Your Sales to the Next Level, American Management Association’s best-selling paperback book Sales Questions that Close the Sale and the award-winning book Proactive Customer Service. Holding a Master’s Degree in Training and Development his knowledge of adult learning and ongoing research in advanced training has permitted him to position BSI’s curriculum as one of the best in the country. This leadership has enabled millions of professionals to be involved in a unique and powerful learning experience that has generated an average increase in performance of 20%.

Providing a three step training process to ensure learning, all BSI programs are: customized, interactive and include extensive reinforcement options to sustain learning. BSI programs have what it takes to generate a return on investment and create a legacy around program skills to insure long-term success.

Whether it's a keynote presentation or a training initiative, BSI complements their client’s existing training model with quality training, consulting and innovative solutions.