Our Approach

The Brennan Sales Institute recommends a three phased approach: Preparation, Interactive Training and Reinforcement.

BSI’s customized and experiential program contains the extended follow-up resources to enable managers to coach and lead their sales professionals. Participants easily embrace the content to effectively assimilate the skills into their day-to-day real world experiences to increase performance.

Phase I

All BSI programs are designed specifically to our client’s environment and culture. BSI focuses on our client’s real world issues, thereby increasing the accuracy, acceptance and application of the material presented. All training modules are tailored to their sales marketplace. Customization includes interactive exercises, simulations and group activities to reflect “real life” events.

All course material will be designed to accommodate different learning styles. The concepts are presented in audio and written form so participants will be able to quickly grasp and apply the skills. Throughout each session participants are involved in a series of individual exercises to identify and comprehend course content, and determine best practices and solutions.

All course material challenges the most advanced learner as well as the newest member of the group to increase their sales acumen.

Phase II

Every BSI learning component is highly experiential and interactive. Participants are involved in individual and group activities to learn and understand program concepts and ideas.

Participants are encouraged to use new program content in their most common sales scenarios to achieve the next level of performance. Each training component contains a series of knowledge checks to properly identify and apply program skills. Entertaining and competitive, BSI’s format challenges the participant to advance their skills.

Phase III

BSI offers a robust menu of resources to reinforce and retain program content. Participants have access to: audio apps, workbook review templates, paperback book, infield coaching guides, on-demand programming, virtual reinforcement sessions, white paper summaries, webinar reviews, reference cards and reinforcement videos to ensure retention.