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What our customers say

What an incredible class. I would highly recommend it. What Charlie illustrates in his class is mind blowing. I enjoyed it immensely. If you told me last week that this course would change the way I make sales calls, I would have laughed at you. I will be a better salesperson as a result of this course. Anyone who takes this course and reads the material will benefit from it greatly.

The survey results show BSI’s training session scored the highest-97%. This is quite impressive. Numerous success stories are coming in from the field including increased access to our customer’s as well as the ability to gain more information with the use of BSI’s skills.

We searched the country to find a program and speaker that would help us differentiate ourselves in the marketplace, Charlie Brennan is the one we selected over all the rest.

We have absolutely benefited from this training. We have had several breakthroughs with providers because of this workshop. Great job!!!

I feel incredibly compelled to let you know that I honestly believe that Brennan’s class was the most valuable I have experienced in the past 5 years (or more!) of my career! Wow! THANK YOU!!! I am excited for all that will follow! What an inspiring way to jump-start my week!

Thanks for bringing in Charlie. He was the bookend to the meeting that gave them the tools & motivation to apply their knowledge to bring to fruition their business relationships. It has been a 180 degree turn for the team.

Above and beyond! I have over 20 years in sales. Charlie showed me ways to deal with hard prospects and be able to close the deal. Great seminar! Can't wait to put the skills to use!

I can honestly say I have learned new information that is going to help me to close more accounts and build relationships with customers. I enjoyed the seminar and it was a great learning experience. Thanks so much!

This was by far the best seminar! I really enjoyed Charlie’s style and how he engaged the class. I would love to attend more of his classes.

This was awesome. The best ever program I attended in over 25 years of training. Very interactive!! Charlie Brennan was excellent! Very informative and captivating!

I am delighted to report immediate success! I have been able to move some very well known companies faster along the sales process. This program has helped me to better understand client’s needs and work towards helping them.

It’s interactive, dynamic and informative. It’s a new way to promote dialogue in my real world. These skills will improve my relationships with my customers.

I have been a representative for over 21 years now, and I cannot think of a program that has had more of a positive effect than Charlie’s program. I can’t say enough about the program’s positive results. If you haven’t tried it, please do yourself a favor and try it. IT REALLY WORKS!